No trip to BIG RED is complete without enjoying a delicious donut. We’re serious about our donuts. In fact, we’re pretty sure they are the best around. That’s because we’ve been making donuts for over four generations, using the same antique donut machine, the same time-honored recipe and timing the fry just right, like Grandpa used to do. The result is donut perfection.donuts_small

Our donuts are awesome plain and un-messed-around-with but folks also like them with powdered sugar, cinnamon & sugar, or fancy with icing and sprinkles or nuts.

Want to try something delicious and new? Our Decadent Caramel Apple is a donut lover’s dream. We choose a perfect just-picked apple and add some caramel and then some fancy fixin’s like sprinkles, nuts, chocolate or butterscotch drizzle and then add… a donut! You won’t believe your taste buds, it’s that good.

All of our donuts are made year-round and available in our Marketplace. Stop on in today and get one, a ½ dozen, a dozen or more!

Allergen Statement:  Our donuts contain wheat, soy, eggs and milk and may contain peanuts and/or other tree nut products.